Reconciliation Top Of Mind During Local Visit From David Zimmer

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 09:08 AM

Ontario's Minister of Indigenous and Reconciliation has wrapped up a fact-finding mission in northwestern Ontario.

Last week, David Zimmer met with aboriginal leaders from Eagle Lake, Deer Lake, Shoal Lake #39 and New Osnaburgh, just to name a few.

Speaking in Dryden, Zimmer says he wanted to hear first hand the concerns of local First Nations.

Zimmer says he is taking the messaging back to Premier Kathleen Wynne and his colleagues at Queen's Park, in a bid to move their agenda forward in a good way.

He notes the talks were an important step in the road to reconciliation.

Zimmer believes relations with the government and area First Nations are at a different place compared to four or five years ago.

He says there is a heightened public awareness of Indigenous issues.

Saying that, Zimmer stresses they still have hills to climb.

(Picture: David Zimmer Twitter)