Nibinamik Chief Demanding Inquiry Into Viral Video

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018 08:59 AM

Nibinamik First Nation feels the alleged actions of a police officer in a viral video has added to the long and sorry history of racist actions by members of the Thunder Bay Police against Indigenous people.

Chief Johnny Yellowhead says a police officer slapping a teenage girl from his community is inexcusable.

Yellowhead goes on to say there is no possible justification for such an action against a youth by a person in power.

He is calling for an independent inquiry and investigation into the police officer's actions, saying "if they can't trust police to act with basic human dignity towards a young woman receiving medical attention, how can they trust them to investigate and transparently report on this matter?"

Yellowhead says they'll be writing the police, and the Ontario Government asking them to address the matter in a transparent manner.

He adds if police don't take the necessary steps to protect Indigenous youth, they'll be looking for help from the provincial and federal governments to protect their children.