Public Awareness Campaign On Pot And Impaired Driving

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018 11:31 AM

Young people in Canada are among the most frequent users of cannabis in the world, which is why a public awareness campaign is being launched surrounding pot and driving.

The Canadian Public Health Association is rolling out messages through social media and mainstream media on the risks of impaired driving.

Executive Director Ian Culbert says it's important to break the myths such as marijuana can make you more focused when driving.

Culbert says young people also believe they can't get caught while driving high, since police don't have the tools for testing or they simply don't think it's a problem because cannabis is considered medicine.

A recent survey shows 20% of teenagers and 30% of young adults in Canada are consuming cannabis.

Culbert says 48% of young people surveyed understood the risks associated with pot and driving, while substantially more, 79% realized the risks of drinking and driving.

He adds it's important that educators, health providers, parents and guardians are having conversations about marijuana and driving with young people.