Open Roads Students "Boogie Down" To Improve Social/Academic Skills

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 07:34 AM

A grade 4 teacher at Open Roads School in Dryden is promoting in-class dancing aimed at developing physical literacy skills.

Marissa Ferriolo says her students engage in daily "Dance Play" activities, noting it's a fun and engaging way to involve students.

She says students who are active throughout the day perform better academically and improves social skills, concentration and self esteem.

Student Thomas Armstrong-Ross says the daily routine helps him get through the day.

He says it helps him get his work done quicker and more efficiently.

Student Zachary Warren says it gives him an energy boost during the day.

He says the dancing releases dopamine which helps people feel happier.

The students performed a "Dance Play" at this weeks Board meeting in Dryden, where Trustees participated as well.