Multiple Impaired Driving Charges Laid In Dryden

Posted on Friday, March 15, 2019 14:17 PM

Dryden Police are reporting multiple Impaired Driving charges in the last couple days.

Police say on Thursday at 8:20pm they were notified of a motor vehicle collision where a Ford truck struck a parked car in the parking lot of Timberland Hotel.

Police then say the investigation resulted in a 17 year old male being arrested for Impaired Driving.

Police also say the accused faces Taking a Motor Vehicle without Consent, Impaired Driving and Driving with 80 mgs of alcohol charges.

The accused will appear in court in Dryden on April 9th.

Dryden Police also say this morning at around 7:15 they received a call of a possible impaired driver leaving the parking lot of the Best Western after hitting a parked vehicle.

Police say shortly after 8am they located the vehicle at the Patricia Inn parking lot and the 29 year-old driver from Kasabonika, Ontario has been charged with Impaired Driving and Driving with over 80mgs.

The accused will appear in court on April 15th.