Homecoming Day For Dryden Eagles Football Team

Posted on Friday, September 14, 2018 08:17 AM

It's Homecoming Day for the Dryden Eagles High School Football team.

The Eagles hope to feed off an energetic crowd as they host the Sturgeon Heights Huskies.

Both teams are 0-1.

Defensive Coordinator Neil McLeod says a lot of things went wrong in week number one, with funny little injuries and finishing the game with neither one of their two quarterbacks that they have on their roster.

However, McLeod says others stepped up and he believes they are making good forward progress.

He notes they are now, for the most part, healthy and ready to go 100% .

McLeod says the Huskies are a well coached team and boast a great standout middle linebacker who is apparently ranked very high nationally.

This is the annual Homecoming Game and McLeod says it's great to be back at home as they love playing at Harry McMaster Field.

He says they've only lost two home games over the past two years and stresses Dryden fans love to come out and have fun.

There will be a special presentation, a barbeque, music and other activities.

Kick-off is 2:00 at Harry McMaster Field.